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Sisco's Man of Style Loved by Eleni, CGC
December 5, 2005- November 28, 2012

I can't even think of words to describe how I feel
about losing my beautiful boy, who was well and
happy and knocking Garrett over on Monday,
November 26, and then got sick in the evening and
started throwing up -
We spent four hours at the vet on Tuesday, running
tests that were all negative, blood work, X-rays and
barium study, came home for the night and back to
the vet on Wednesday AM to start an IV and re-run
the tests (still all normal) -
and then he just quit breathing.

Necropsy showed foci of probable
hemangiosarcoma in his spleen and one of his lungs
had collapsed.

It just seems so unfair that we get to keep them for
such a short time!

Lucky Gianni who had to suffer so little but unlucky
us who had to say goodbye to him much too soon.
Gianni & his Brothers
Gianni's so good to the babies! (Our Chyanne
& visiting Nido)
September 2010