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would like us to see

There are 5 puppies in there somewhere -
3 boys and 2 girls
Already growing like little weeds...
Two handsome, light-colored boys like Daddy
Nelson, two red girls (already spoken for)
and one light red/apricot boy -
possibly one boy available
(That's your boy in the back, Nicolas)
And here they are when I tricked their poor starving mom
into leaving them for just a second to eat (she's just barely
out of the picture!)
Friday, May 29, 2009
Fatter - but still just a pile of puppies.
looking pretty scruffy!
Eyes are opening. Staggering around a bit.
GIANT puppy condo in the living room! They
look like puppies now - feet trimmed a little
today as I couldn't see their toenails! And they
all did great... still fat and lazy!
A busy week! Thursday we tried food for the
first time - what a mess!
Today everybody got baths and faces shaved!
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tried to climb on my lap - big and small - so no