March 30, 2015

Found out last week that Sister and Fitz are NOT
expecting puppies. I'm so depressed. So there will
be NO puppies on or about April 22, 2015.

We will plan to try again with Fitz and Dolly,
probably sometime in A
pril with puppies due
around the end of June
or first of July. If you're on
my waiting list, I will leave you there unless I
hear differently. I should contact everybody
personally but I just was too sad to even talk about
it for a few days.

Hoping for red/apricot/cream puppies when
Dolly comes into heat. Dolly is pretty much the
best mom th
ere ever was and had EIGHT puppies
last year.

Click on her name to go to her page. Here's a
picture of the prospective dad,
Fitz. Click on his
name to see his health testing.
Here are links to the girls' health testing:

Sister                                                Dolly