January 2016??

Is it possible that Sister has decided she wants to
have puppies again after all this time? (Eddie,
Jake, Shirley, Izzie, Jerry and Maggie turned four
years old last July!) Well, she's giving every
indication that she might have changed her mind -
won't know for sure until mid to late December.

If it happens, they will be black.

Fingers and toes crossed!!

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e-mail at top of the page)

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January 2016??

Bruce and JoJo may also be parents in

Last standard puppies here were Bruce and his
brother in June of 2011, so you can imagine how
excited I am - and how hard it is for me to believe!

These puppies will be black, blue, or possibly

Again - fingers and toes crossed!!

Several people have been waiting a long time for a
Bruce puppy - contact me if you want to be on the
list. (Phone and e-mail at the top of the page)
Bruce and JoJo when she first
came from Florida in September