October 25, 2014

Here are
Whitney and Nelson. The puppies arrived
in the wee hours this morning!

These puppies are blue (dark gray like Whitney)
or black - two girls and one boy. T
hese kids are
all spoken for.

Click on the parents' names to see health test
results on Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.
See any puppies in this picture?
All three are there. This is
Whitney protecting them - but
then she stood up for a minute
and - voila! There they are.
Getting pictures of these guys is
definitely  a challenge - dark mom and
dark babies - mo
stly black blobs!
Six Days Old
and still a little bit of mom in
every picture!
Brand New
November 8

Two weeks old today. Eyes are
open but they are still pretty fat and
November 24, 2014

First day out with Mom and
December 6 - Six weeks old
Can't quite make it back up the step
November 29 - Five weeks old
This is what they do best - climbing up my
leg into my lap.
Future Plans:

Hoping for red or apricot
miniature  puppies from Sister in
the spring.